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What you Get With the XP3 System

The XP3 system is a comphrehensive program specificialy geared for the Strength Athelete. Unlike other nutrition programs you will not recieve a generic computer generated plan. Instead you will get a customized nutritional and supplementation plan based on your blood profile, insulin sensitivity level, sports specific goals and much more.

The XP3 System consists of the following:

Nutritional Analysis

This analysis will take an in depth look at what nutrition mistakes you are making, Your background history, Training program, Health and Medical conditions, Nutrition History, Physiology of your current Nutrition situation, Efficiency Rating and Nutritional Prescription. This will also include a comprehensive review of your medical blood work and how it will play a role in the construction of your plan. This is a very important part of everyone's nutrition plan since everyone's body and personal physiology is different. This is a major difference that differentiates a customized nutrition plan and just a cookie cutter type of plan that is thrown at everyone no matter what your personal needs.

Natural Supplementation Analysis

This analysis will take a look into your current supplementation program, and supplement history information so that your program can be designed to best suit your individual needs. This too is very important in the design of your supplementation plan to make sure that it works synergistically with your nutrition plan.

Customized Nutritional Program

This will consist of a 12 week customized Nutritional Plan based around your background info and will be geared towards helping you accomplish your performance and health goals. This will not just be one detailed plan throughout the 12 weeks. Instead there will be 3-4 phases in which after the first phase is completed a reanalysis is then again performed. From these observations and your results from the last phase a new program is designed. This will optimize your results like never before. This is because the progress of your first phase will be used to develop your next phase of the plan.

Contest Day Nutrition Plan

This will consist of a customized nutrition and supplementation plan for the biggest day of the year- Contest Day. It will include what to eat before, during and after the competition. It will include what supplements to take to maximize your performance. This is no doubt one of the most important parts of the program since contest day is the day of reckoning so everything has to be dead on.

Contest Cutting Weight Protocols

Cutting weight for your contest day can be one of the most frustrating times of your life. The fact that you left it to the last minute to try and get into your proper weight class is something that can cause a major decrement in your strength. Doing this by just going in the sauna, spitting in a cup, or using diuretics can prove not only to be a disaster for your performance, but it is also a health hazard just waiting to happen. With the nutrition XP3 System you will receive different ways to help you cut weight and get into your desired weight class without having to resort to dangerous tactics that will leave you dehydrated and cramped up while on the platform. Many lifters cause major decrements in their strength by not understanding the science to making weight. No longer will this be a mystery and with the Nutrition XP3 Program you will be well ahead of the game. You will not have to try crazy and drastic measures to get into your weight class only to find out that it zapped your strength like no other or lead to a muscle tear which is common place in our sport due to the electrolyte imbalance you caused by your foolish contest prep. This set of protocols alone could save you from disaster come contest day and we all know how important this really is.

Contest Rehydrating Protocols

Now that you have made weight and have qualified for your particular class it is now the time to put the weight back on plus more. By optimizing your Rehydrating Program you will notice a huge difference in your strength and power when its time to step on the platform. Don't go up for your first squat feeling flat and defeated before you even unrack the weight. With the Nutrition XP3 Rehydrating Protocols you will be fuller, stronger, and more energetic when you step up to do battle. No longer will you have to wonder what you should eat and drink to regain back valuable weight. This will make sure that you are primed and ready to set that PR you came to conquer.

Post Workout Nutrition Plan

Post workout nutrition is a major factor in optimizing your results. If you are overlooking this valuable variable in your nutrition program then you are leaving pounds in the gym. It will play a major role in your increased strength, recovery from your training session, prevent catabolism, and help induce protein synthesis, create an anabolic environment and much more. If you have just finished your workout and don't have a game plan to maximize your post training hormonal environment then you my friend have just thrown the results of that workout right out the window. Post Workout Nutrition is a key variable in your success so you should make sure that you take advantage of this critical time period.

Post Workout “Secret” Formula

This formula is the “Secret” that has been written about in the pages of Powerlifting USA magazine over and over. It is what has fueled the power beasts like Garry Frank, Dave Tate, Gene Rycelak, Phil Harrington, Steve Goggins, John Stafford, Travis Mash and numerous other Nutrition XP3 Elite athletes. This special formula will be given to you so that you can optimize your post workout hormonal cascade and make sure that you get the most out of the blood, sweat, and tears that you just shed in the gym. This secret formula will help you build more muscle, drop fat, increase protein synthesis and help you recover from your training by up to an extra day in advance. This extensive formula was only available for Anthony's Elite Champions, but it is now available to you so that you can see the difference it will make in as little as 7 days.

Holistic Health Protocols

Are you plagued by high cholesterol? Are your triglyceride levels out of control? Do you suffer from Type II Diabetes? Do you suffer from elevated liver enzymes because of your “Pharmaceutical Enhancement” program? If you do have any of the above problems or a cascade of other ailments then you can benefit from the Holistic Health Protocols that will be designed for you according to what conditions that you suffer from. You can help control and reverse many different ailments from specific nutrition and supplement protocols. This is why the Nutrition XP3 System has included this very valuable opportunity for its clients. Many lifters suffer from a slew of different conditions due to their horrible nutrition and lifestyle choices. The Nutrition XP3 System can help manage some of the problems that you suffer from. Remember you are only as strong as your weakest link and if your health is that weak link then it will come and take you down when you least expect it. The Nutrition XP3 System is not only concerned about getting you in the best shape of your life but also to make sure that you are the healthiest as well.

Insulin Sensitivity Analysis 

This will be a set of protocols to follow after the nutrition and supplementation analysis to further help customize the right macronutrient ratios for your customized nutrition plan so that you will get maximum results. This is another very instrumental part of your plan as this will allow me to understand your personal physiology make up and how efficient your hormonal balance is.

Phone Consultations

Here you will be able to consult with me one on one to go over your plan, ask questions and to provide valuable feedback necessary to get the results that you deserve. Here you can cover all you need to make sure that everything is on the mark as I guide you through your plan and ultimately to your new results.

Email Support

Got a quick question about something you didn't understand? Send over an email in regards to your inquiry and get a personalized answer from me within 48 hours. This way you won't have to use up your phone consultation time for just a few quick questions that may have arisen along your journey for a bigger total.

Nutrition Journal

Here you will be able to log your daily nutrition and supplementation diary to make sure you stay on the ball. This will also be used by Anthony as a reference when designing future phases of your plan. This will be completed on a daily basis and then will be sent to me during each phase so it can be used in the construction of your next program.

Training Journal

To fully compliment your Nutrition Journal the Nutrition XP3 Kit has included a 12 week Training Journal as well to make sure that you are keeping an accurate record of your training progress along with your nutrition plan.

Nutrition XP3 Power Manual

This manual is over 100 pages of very valuable power packed nutritional info. It is filled with tips and tricks that have been proven on National and World powerlifting stages. Here you will learn some more about my theories and nutritional methods used by the strongest men and women in the world. It covers a wide array of applicable knowledge that will be understood by even the beginner Power Nutrition enthusiast.

 Nutrition XP3 Transformation Log

Here you will be able to log all your progress with sections for "Before and After" photos, measurements, fat percentage changes, health benefits and your individualized stats. This way the results will be plain to see.

Nutrition XP3 Tools of the Trade

This part of the kit will contain valuable tools to monitor your progress. This includes a professional fat caliper to measure your current body fat percentage. A measuring tape to take accurate measurements to monitor your progress throughout the duration of the plan is also included.

The XP3 Program is available for $595 + $20 Shipping and Handling. For a limited time we are offering and extra 4 weeks to the program to all first time XP3 users. Get it Today!

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