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XP3 Testimonials

I have been working with Anthony since 2002. During that time I have set the All Time heaviest Deadlift of 931 pounds. To better that I even posted the All Time heaviest Total in Powerlifting history with a 2805. During my time working with Anthony I have jacked up my strength, increased my muscle mass and have dropped body fat. For those looking to take their powerlifting or performance in any sport to the next level then Anthony's Nutrition XP3 System is just what the doctor ordered. He will not only take your performance to new heights but he will also educate you on how different nutrients, and supplement protocols work for your specific and individual needs. He has taken all the guess work out of what the strength athlete should do when it comes to his nutrition plan. Anthony is known for dialing in strength athletes when the big day comes so put your trust in the only program that gets the job done. That program is the Nutrition XP3 System and once you see what it will do for your lifting success you will only wish you started working with Anthony years ago. I fully recommend the Nutrition XP3 System for any athlete looking for that missing edge. If it worked wonders on me just imagine what it can do for you.

Gary Frank
Worlds Strongest Powerlifter
2805 Total, 931 Deadlift

Anthony Ricciuto has re-struck a fundamental chord in the Powerlifter's palette of preparation for super strength.... namely, Power Nutrition. His articles in POWERLIFTING USA have brought thinking about this subject to the forefront, and a number of great lifters, many of whom had previously taken nutrition for granted, have become his clients, with resounding success ... both on the platform, and in their personal health profile."

Mike Lambert
Powerlifting USA

My name is Domenic Paoletta and I am 26 years old. The first thing I would like to say is that if you are serious about your results then the Nutrition XP3 Program is your ticket to success. I am living proof that Anthony's customized nutrition system works. I started off weighting in at 238 pounds with 36% body fat. I was carrying around over 85 pounds of pure fat on my body and it showed. I was always tired, my lifting had reached a plateau and I was continually getting injuries. That was all before the Nutrition XP3 came into my life and changed all that. In a matter of 16 weeks I totally transformed my body and got in the best shape of my life. At my all time best I weighed in at 196 pounds at 6% body fat when I completed my 16 week program with Anthony. I actually lost a ton of fat and put on muscle as well. On top of my stats I have never had more energy in the gym or in life. My workouts have never been better as I have put 90 pounds on my squat 40 on my bench press and 65 on my deadlift. Anyone who says you can't get lean and maintain your strength doesn't know anything because my strength actually increased! I am stronger then ever and I actually look the part where as before I didn't look like a strength athlete but a couch potato instead. If you want to change the way you look and increase your strength and performance the Nutrition Xp3 program will get the job done!

Domenic Paolettta
Nutrition XP3
Transformation Champion 2005

I am a 48 year old long-time athlete and former multi-IPF World powerlifting champion. In my sports career, first class performance is so important and this why I've always researched for the competitive advantage. I searched for years for the eating and nutritional plan that could help me with my powerlifting performance. I've tried a lot of eating plans and products over the years but nothing seemed to do the trick until I tried the Nutrition XP3 system. Now my powerlifting performance has reached new levels since incorporating the XP3 system into my training plan. I truly feel about fifteen years younger. I would recommend the Nutrition XP3 Program for any serious powerlifter or strength athlete who wants to see a major difference in his or her performance. With Anthony's customized Nutrition plan I have gained muscle, dropped fat and have increased my strength. Nutrition is a huge part of your success and Anthony will dial you in for your next contest like never before.

Gene Bell
1983-2005 Mutli-USA National and World Powerlifting Champion at 165 lbs, 181 lbs, 198 lbs and 220

I have been working with Anthony for over year and a half and it is the best single thing that I could have done for my lifting. I have never had so much energy and my volume workload that I handle in the gym workout after workout continually goes up. During my time under Anthony's guidance using his Nutrition XP3 System I have set the All Time World Record Squat at 181 with an 855 pound squat. I have also totaled 1985 pounds as well and look forward to crushing 2000 very soon. If you are serious about your results then the Nutrition XP3 System is exactly what you need to take your performance to the next level. Once you see the difference his customized nutrition and supplementation plans make you will wonder how you lifted with out them. Take it from me, if you want to see huge gains in your strength, with a more muscular and lean physique then give the Nutrition XP3 System a try because I know with full confidence you will be glad you did. Thanks again Anthony for helping me get that all time best squat.

Phil Harrington
Top 181 Squatter in Powerlifting History
World Champion 855 lb Squat

Anthony's knowledge of nutrition has vastly improved my strength and my mental focus on an area of my training that I was greatly neglecting.  I now understand how important it is to consume quality food and how a well structured diet is a major key for your powerlifting success. He has educated me on the importance of how a proper nutrition and supplementation program plays in a powerlifter's ability to reach their maximum potential.  Having Anthony working with you side by side takes all the guess work out what to eat and when. His very detailed nutrition and supplementation plans will be extremely beneficial to anyone who wishes to take their performance to the new heights. Under his guidance I hit an all time World Record in the bench press of 771 pounds in the 220 class. I am telling you I have never been stronger and I saw the dramatic affect that his plan had on my lifts right away. Believe me, Anthony's customized nutrition system is not hype at all, it is the real deal that comes through with awesome results when you need it most. The Nutrition XP3 Program will take your performance above and beyond any other nutrition plan available! I fully recommend this plan to anyone who wants to know and use his secrets to unleash your true potential!

Matt Lamarque
All Time World Record Holder Bench Presser
771 bench@220
World Champion

Anthony's Nutrition XP3 Program has really helped me accomplish new heights in my training. It has helped me to understand at what time I need to take in different proteins and other nutrients to help my body stay anabolic and to maximize recovery. On this program I have learned how important nutrient timing is and how to implement the proper post workout nutrition plan. Anthony also explained to me how important the role of supplements are in my nutrition plan and how they help at preventing my body from becoming catabolic. My rate of recovery has drastically improved with this program. Anthony's customized nutrition plan has made it much easier for me to add quality bodyweight and also keep it on. I fully recommend the Nutrition XP3 program to any strength athlete that is looking for that extra edge.

John Stafford

Westside Barbell Elite Member
920 Squat, 690 Bench, AND 820 Deadlift, TOTAL 2415 @ 275 lbs.

Approximately eighteen months have gone by since I was initially introduced to Anthony's revolutionary nutritional strategy. I was attracted to his methods because I aspired to enhance my lifting totals and I honestly believed nutrition and proper eating were my missing ingredients. After our initial consultation, Anthony immediately confirmed that my nutritional plan or lack thereof was impeding my progress.

Anthony is a pleasure to work with because of his ability to critique without being condescending or demeaning. He simply details what problems exist and then devises a plan that is custom- tailored to the individual while also being user friendly and practical.

Mr. Ricciuto clearly demonstrates a broad knowledge of nutrition and strength sports. His background in power lifting enables him to be more empathetic and aware of the special needs of strength athletes. As a result of Anthony's guidance, I have recently demolished my previous records in the bench press by 60 lbs. This equates to a ten percent improvement which is unheard of especially because of my age and chronic joint problems. I can honestly say that I feel better and I enjoy an overall enhanced quality of life by adhering to Anthony's plan. I would recommend this plan to anyone that wants to see a major difference in their lifting success.

Glenn “Power B” Buechlein
705 Bench@242 lbs

My name is Chris Dranias. I am 21 years old and I live in South Africa . I am a 3 time Junior and 1 time Senior National Champion. I hold 5 Junior and 2 Senior records. My best lifts are a 350kg squat, a 200kg bench and a 360 kg dead at 125+ in the IPF.  I would just like to say that Anthony and his customized nutrition plan has made a huge difference in my lifting success. He has helped me in many different ways, and taught me how important nutrition is for the powerlifter

Anthony is always very friendly each and every time that I have called and needed his guidance or help in different nutrition matters.

He is always there to help out in any way and his knowledge in the nutritional sciences is unbelievable. I have lost a lot of body fat on his plan and I have gotten more muscular as well during my time with Anthony. Most importantly my strength has gone through the roof. The difference he has made in my training success has been unreal. He is a pure genius! I would recommend the Nutrition XP3 System to anyone that is looking to take their performance to new heights!

Chris Dranias
3 time National South African Champion
Multiple National Record Holder

I am a 54 year-old master lifter that competes at a different level than many of the other world-class athletes that work with Anthony Ricciuto. I holds no world records and was a relatively late beginner in the sport of Power lifting as I started when he was 41 years old. Yet my continually improving performance and accomplishments on the state and national levels represent one of the best examples of athletic progress through dedication and a proper nutritional program such as the Nutrition XP3.

I generally compete in the 242 pound weight class and have set all Nebraska state records in the 40-45 age group, 45-50, and now those in 50-55 range. My achievements in the 50-55 age group extend beyond those of the 242 pound weight class. With the guidance of Anthony's customized nutrition program, I was able to achieve a substantial feat and gain enough weight to set all the state records in the 275 pound class. Anthony then helped me drop down to the 220 pound class and again set all the records in the 50-55 age group. My best lifts are bench 380 lbs; squat 556 lbs; deadlift 567 lbs; total 1480 lbs.

I have been successful beyond the state level as well, winning the USAPL Nationals in 2001 and finishing fifth place at the world competition in Canada that year. I won the Nationals again in 2004 but was unable to participate in the world competition due to a lingering shoulder injury. As devastating as this shoulder injury was, the surgery and rehab required to repair the two tears in my rotator cuff truly demonstrated the important role the Nutrition XP3 system played in my recovery. By establishing a strong rehab program and supplying the adequate supplements, Anthony's guidance allowed me to make fantastic progress and I am well ahead of schedule to resume competition.

The results of Anthony's program are obviously seen in my substantial weight adjustments and the successful recovery from my shoulder injury. I am also astonished by the health benefits of following such a program at my age. I had begun power lifting to stay in shape and for the sport of it, but began working with Anthony because I felt stalled. Now at 54, I am still making PR's in my lifts and am confident that with Anthony's program I will continue to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle for many years to come.

Bill Sindelar
2 time USAPL National Masters Champion
Multiple State Record Holder

Before I started using the Nutrition XP3 System I was benching 800 pounds. In just a few short weeks I was training to bench 905 in my next meet. My personal best that I had hit in training was 860. I destroyed 915 within weeks and it was easy. What was great about this is the fact I was still on my baseline program and just a few weeks later I was hitting weights that would have crushed me before.   I'm not even close to the level that my body is capable of yet with his innovative ideas and secret nutrition techniques.   I am consuming about 5000 calories per day on the introductory phase and I will be working my way up to around 8000cal/day. What is unbelievable about this I am eating over double the amount of food that I did before starting Anthony's plan and I am actually dropping body fat. I don't know how the hell he does it but he pulls out different tricks from under his sleeve like a dam magician and the results jut keep coming and coming.     Another thing that I really like about using the Nutrition XP3 System is not only the customization process that takes place but the fact I am working with Anthony one on one so closely. It's not some generic plan where you get your diet and then you are on your own. Anthony always has time to talk and really wants to hear your feedback as well, just incase any other tweaking of the program is needed.     I called him a few days before my last meet and asked him some last minute contest questions. The answers he gave were not only fully explained so even the most novice in nutrition could understand but even more importantly they were right on the money to get me the results I demand. For those of you who may be doubters I tell you to swallow your pride because your new PR's and record lifts will speak for themselves. I have never had more energy and I recover from intense training sessions much faster than before. Anthony has even helped me in recovering from past injuries that just seemed to linger on and on. All in all the Nutrition XP3 customized nutrition plan is the answer to all your power nutrition needs, and I fully recommend it to any strength athlete looking to maximize there performance

Chris Cook
805 Bench Press
National Champion

Ever since I started on the Nutrition XP3 system I have noticed some major differences in several very important areas.   I feel much healthier, my energy levels have gone up like crazy, my body feels harder, and my strength levels have gone up dramatically.  His customized nutrition plan has helped more than I could have ever imagined. Under Anthony's guidance I have hit a 735 pound bench press at the young age of 19 years old. I have also totaled 2300 pounds as well. He had done wonders for my training and competitive success. He truly is the “Power Nutrition Guru” like everyone says because he knows how to make you get the results that you deserve. I fully recommend the Nutrition XP3 System to every serious lifter. He will increase your strength, help you drop fat, increase your muscle mass and even help improve your health. No matter what your age or level the Nutrition XP3 program will get you the results that is needed to stay competitive in powerlifting. If you are looking to hit new PR's and maximize your true potential, then the Nutrition XP3 system is exactly what you need to make the difference.

Mike Brown
Strongest Teenage Powerlifter in the World
735 Bench Press, 2300 lb Total

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